09 May 2007

Well-oiled Bird Killing Machine

Well, since every silver lining has a cloud, I thought we'd look on the dark side today. This post about how buildings in Toronto kill as many as 10 million birds each year could be looked at from another angle:

Just 10 more years of condo development along the waterfront and some more high rise towers spotted across the city and Toronto will be one of the most effective bird-flu and West Nile Disease filtration systems in North America. Just think how safe we'll be! Finally we can be rid of those pesky hawks and sparrows.

Now if we could just pave over the few remaining green spaces and fill in those dirty wetlands we'd be free of these mosquitoes, too! Maybe we can make a cell phone that fucks up all insects, not just honey bees.

1 comment:

  1. Over 27,000 birds a day! Wow - how do the pedestrians survive? I vote that everyone should drive downtown in SUV's with a hard top roof - they'll be safe from the flying birds.

    It's either death by avian flu, or by falling bird. Choose your pain.

    PS - I love my BlackBerry, and hate bee's.


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