07 May 2007

The Weather

WTF is wrong with the weather? I bet a case of beer that if you did an analysis of weather patterns you'd find out that statistically the weather is shittier on the weekends.
Last week Monday to Friday mid 20's, weekend, 17 and 14 C.
Today (Monday) 23C, and mid twenties all week, until Saturday & Sunday 16. Just watch as the skies shit on us on the long weekend two weeks from now.

(To any americans who happen to be reading this, less than 20 is cold, more than 20 is nice. Get the metric system already, it's not new).

Is it just me? Am I being pessimistic? Or are we getting screwed? It could be rain, blizzard, hail, snow, 90 km/h winds all week, as long as Friday night to Sunday night it's calm, 26C, and sunny, and it would suit me just fine.

PS. as I write this I realize that my hubris will be unleashed upon me when I start biking to work in the near future. Just watch.

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