07 May 2007

The topic of this blog

Be it settled that I have chosen a direction for this blog. So far I have tried to stick to one topic, or brainstorm a decent stream of related topics, to give this blog some kind of theme. I admire the steadfastness of someone who can keep to one issue, but the world is so f*cked up that you have to be really narrow-minded or boring to keep on about one specific issue. Unless you have a real issue, like David Suzuki does, then you're allowed to make a life's work of it. But for the rest of us bloggers, it seems like the deal is not to tackle an issue, but to relate a perspective.
So that's my topic: my perspective.
And it's not going to be pretty. I don't want to offend anyone, or be a bad guy, but it seems I have no choice. For example, it seems that every time I get together with family I end up putting my foot in my mouth. Like at Easter when I made what I thought was a witty Zoolander joke, everyone took it seriously and thought I was being really conceited. And this from family who watched Zoolander with me over and over again, to the point of quoting the whole movie.
Clearly I have some issues. Hopefully just issues with my comic timing.
At any rate, one thing I seem to be good at is being taken seriously when I'm joking and being laughed at when I'm serious. So perhaps my perspective is novel.
At any rate, like I said it won't be pretty, and here's why. I generally write at two times of day: when I'm on my lunch break at work and haven't eaten yet, in which case I'm needlessly pissed-off (aka "Hangry"), or late at night when I'm overtired, in which case I get delusions of grandeur and/or have been drinking.
Which should give a good indication of where my perspective in this blog is coming from.

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  1. You write well, and it sounds like your blog will be an interesting one, so you're off to a good start! Looking foward to reading more.


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