09 May 2007

Well-oiled Bird Killing Machine

Well, since every silver lining has a cloud, I thought we'd look on the dark side today. This post about how buildings in Toronto kill as many as 10 million birds each year could be looked at from another angle:

Just 10 more years of condo development along the waterfront and some more high rise towers spotted across the city and Toronto will be one of the most effective bird-flu and West Nile Disease filtration systems in North America. Just think how safe we'll be! Finally we can be rid of those pesky hawks and sparrows.

Now if we could just pave over the few remaining green spaces and fill in those dirty wetlands we'd be free of these mosquitoes, too! Maybe we can make a cell phone that fucks up all insects, not just honey bees.

07 May 2007

Sexist Religious Freaks

I've been bothered all day by an article about a Muslim-Christian soccer match that was intended "to foster understanding between religions" but was canceled because the Muslims refused to play against a team that has female players. WFT?
I was going to write a huge rant about backwards religious customs, outdated rules, discrimination, prejudice, equality, and good old-fashioned ignorant stupidity.
But then I realized the real problem here: Soccer is not a way to foster understanding.
Exhibit A
I rest my case.

The topic of this blog

Be it settled that I have chosen a direction for this blog. So far I have tried to stick to one topic, or brainstorm a decent stream of related topics, to give this blog some kind of theme. I admire the steadfastness of someone who can keep to one issue, but the world is so f*cked up that you have to be really narrow-minded or boring to keep on about one specific issue. Unless you have a real issue, like David Suzuki does, then you're allowed to make a life's work of it. But for the rest of us bloggers, it seems like the deal is not to tackle an issue, but to relate a perspective.
So that's my topic: my perspective.
And it's not going to be pretty. I don't want to offend anyone, or be a bad guy, but it seems I have no choice. For example, it seems that every time I get together with family I end up putting my foot in my mouth. Like at Easter when I made what I thought was a witty Zoolander joke, everyone took it seriously and thought I was being really conceited. And this from family who watched Zoolander with me over and over again, to the point of quoting the whole movie.
Clearly I have some issues. Hopefully just issues with my comic timing.
At any rate, one thing I seem to be good at is being taken seriously when I'm joking and being laughed at when I'm serious. So perhaps my perspective is novel.
At any rate, like I said it won't be pretty, and here's why. I generally write at two times of day: when I'm on my lunch break at work and haven't eaten yet, in which case I'm needlessly pissed-off (aka "Hangry"), or late at night when I'm overtired, in which case I get delusions of grandeur and/or have been drinking.
Which should give a good indication of where my perspective in this blog is coming from.

The Weather

WTF is wrong with the weather? I bet a case of beer that if you did an analysis of weather patterns you'd find out that statistically the weather is shittier on the weekends.
Last week Monday to Friday mid 20's, weekend, 17 and 14 C.
Today (Monday) 23C, and mid twenties all week, until Saturday & Sunday 16. Just watch as the skies shit on us on the long weekend two weeks from now.

(To any americans who happen to be reading this, less than 20 is cold, more than 20 is nice. Get the metric system already, it's not new).

Is it just me? Am I being pessimistic? Or are we getting screwed? It could be rain, blizzard, hail, snow, 90 km/h winds all week, as long as Friday night to Sunday night it's calm, 26C, and sunny, and it would suit me just fine.

PS. as I write this I realize that my hubris will be unleashed upon me when I start biking to work in the near future. Just watch.

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