05 December 2008

My Wine List

I've been hunting around for a good Carmenere lately. (Carmenere is grown mostly in Chile as a varietal, although it originated as one of the noble grapes of Bordeaux).

The wine I found today is so good it inspired me to share it and to start tracking wines. My ongoing mission is to find good wines at good prices. Sure, you're probably going to have a great wine at $60 a bottle, but if you can find a great wine for $12 a bottle, then I'll take that! In fact, I'll take 5 of them.

Look up this wine list on your smartphone when you're wandering up and down the aisles at the liquor store wondering how to spend your loot. It's rough, but it works for now.

When you find a wine of good quality and impeccable value add it to the list by clicking here so our list can grow and you'll always know which wine to buy.


-->UPDATE: I have moved the Wine List to DansWineList.blogspot.com

-->UPDATE: I have moved the Wine List to WoodysWines.com

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