04 December 2008

A letter to Stephan Dion (and Jack Layton)

Dear Stephan Dion:

Screw you. You lost the election fair and square. You, yourself, acknowledged that the people of Canada do not want you to be the Prime Minister. You announced that you would resign as Liberal Party leader.

And then this week you used the financial crisis as an excuse to rouse the NDP and BQ into a shady deal to oust the Conservative Minority Government. Under the guise of "helping Canada face the economic crisis" you have truly put Canadians in a vulnerable position.

You say you want to help Canadians face the financial crisis, but it's just a smoke screen. Now Parliament is suspended for two months. So as the economy of the world marches on, the Canadian Government is absent and idle.

Sit down, Mr. Dion. Your ego and emotions have done enough damage.

And Jack, quit piggy-backing with the more popular kids. You look better as the alpha dog in your hippy clique than as Dion's bitch. Your time is better spent figuring out how to get into power on your own merits and charm than by selling your soul to the Liberals.

The enemy of the economy is political uncertainty. Nothing could be more uncertain than a two or three-way coalition government between rival parties that have agreed to play nice for 18 months. A Liberal agenda would spin its wheels trying to reverse anything that has a Conservative stamp on it and slapping new taxes all around to compensate for it's wayward spending. It would get nowhere, especially with the 'support' of the NDP who would drag their feet the whole way.

Then after 18 months of investors, businesses, and consumers holding their breath and their wallets, we'd go through another sloppy election. Financial crisis indeed.

So go home, Stephan. Maybe a colonic will help free your mind. Then come back and let the big boys get some work done.

I wish I had 2 months of paid holidays at Christmas time... Ah the smell of tax-payer's money roasting on an open fire.

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