11 October 2007

Election Results

I don't have much to say on politics. I wish politics were more scientific and less, well, political. Why can't we treat an issue like a design, technical, or scientific problem: determine the variables and then solve the problem in an open and logical way. With 90% internet access in Canada we could just vote on all the issues from the comfort of our offices, homes, and where ever we take our blackberries. Do we really need politicians at all? Maybe just some diplomats and a ton of researchers and educators to give the info to the public so we can make our own decisions. Maybe that's too idealistic, but hey so is the concept of democracy in the first place. What we really need is a good benevolent and just monarch. Or maybe just anarchy. Who cares anyway? Aren't we all too busy working to pay any attention to silly things like government, the environment, and our future?

MMP voting system
Well, it didn't go through. I guess what was really holding me back was the argument that more proportional representation would lead to better government. I was just never sure if that was the case. Democracy is the best system we have, but it's not a good system.

At least this way I can continue to vote for the Green Party, safe in the knowledge that they will never actually have enough power to fuck with the economy or my taxes. I love the feeling of moral superiority I get from "making a statement" and then the government not being "my fault". Eventually the other parties might notice the support that the Greens are getting and put more elbow grease into environmental matters, not just the old fashioned grease into the lakes. Does it really matter? Did we really have an option anyway? What's the difference exactly between the weeping NDP, the pot-head Greens, the baby-kicking PC's and the thieving bastard Liberals? Like my girlfriend said, 'no point in voting since a coin-toss vote is as good as not showing up at the polls'. She was too busy working, too.

The Vote
Why the fuck can I not vote online? I have to admit to a feeling of proud civic duty as I marched through the rain to the polls. But really. It's 2007. I can pay my taxes online. The government knows my number. I should be able to vote online. Talk about saving taxpayer money during elections! If anyone is serious about increasing voter turnout they would just make a goddamn web page poll.

Heads are in asses here, people! But I'm too busy working to really care.

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