13 August 2007

Poisoned suppries from China

China executed the former head of their food and drug agency after busting him for accepting bribes in exchange for accepting at least six fake medicines.

Health Canada has been warning consumers since June about 21 Chinese toothpaste products shipped with toxic levels of diethylene glycol, a nasty little toxin.

And for some reason they bring up the Olympics:

Chinese officials also say the Western media is making too much of the scandal. They argue that exporting unsafe products is a worldwide problem and that some may be trying to embarrass Beijing before the Olympics.
Maybe so. But that doesn't mean they aren't shipping millions of children's toys around the world laced with toxic levels of lead. That's a problem. I don't think it has anything to do with embarrassment, it's more a matter of poisoning and death. Or wait, maybe we should wait until the Olympics are over before we do anything to embarrass anyone:
Don't worry kids, you can keep playing with Cripple Me Elmo. We don't want to embarrass the Chinese.
I might be a hypocrite but I think China should be embarrassed, nay, how about held liable. A little bit of social justice and environmental awareness wouldn't hurt them either.

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  1. Nice post. Economic progress without political reform will deepen corruption and devastate China's development.


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