11 June 2008

Electric Six

Electric Six, performers of Fire in the Disco have a pretty funny post on their site that I want to share entitled: Retirement by 40??? Electricsix.com Has 5 Hot Tips To Make It Happen. My favourite is a toss-up between

3) Find that Canadian 5-dollar bill you saved because you thought it was funny that it had hockey players on it

Remember that Canadian 5-dollar bill you kept because you thought it was funny that they put hockey players on their money? At today's exchange rate, that Canadian 5-dollar bill is worth 67,000 US dollars. Find that thing.
4) Steal David Beckham's identity

If you have a free afternoon, go to Los Angeles and rummage through David Beckham's garbage until you find a few of his credit card statements and computer passwords. Then get a hold of an encryption scrambler and an electromagnetic pulse that[...]

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